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Singola Announces Hiring of Senior Consultant, Allyson Doctor

Singola Consulting is excited to announce Allyson Doctor has joined the company as a Senior
Consultant, adding over 15 years of leadership and operations experience to the team.

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Digital Strategies and the Changing Role of Call Centers: From Cost to Revenue Center

Strategic Healthcare Marketing sat down with Singola’s President A.J. Melaragno to discuss the hidden value of call and contact centers in health systems, from open orders to increased patient engagement.

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Singola and CallMiner Team Up for a Healthcare Analytics Webinar

Singola Consulting and CallMiner
have partnered to host a webinar about the positive effects of speech and contact analytics on the patient experience.

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Hiring and Onboarding the Right People

The Healthcare Call Center Times interviewed Singola Consulting’s co-founder Fran Horner about finding and keeping the right people for healthcare contact centers. As always, she is spot on.

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Operationalize Population Health With a Focus on Consumer Access

The GE Healthcare Camden Group Insights Blog currently features a story co-authored by Singola Consulting’s Fran Horner about managing population health while focusing on the Triple Aim: improve patient satisfaction, reduce cost of care, and improve quality of care.

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A single, complete touch: Population health, the health contact center, and the patient experience

Singola Consulting’s very own co-founder Fran Horner teamed up with Susan Marks from Amati Health to dive deep into the potential relationship between contact centers and population health. As healthcare organizations turn to population health in order to more effectively manage the health and well-being of their patients, many need to ensure that these new strategies include a directive to improve the patient experience. Fortunately, healthcare systems can turn to an existing entity within its ranks, the health contact center, in order to execute a successful strategy and ensure that the individual patient never feels lost amongst the population crowd.

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“A single complete touch: Population health the health contact center and the patient experience” is also available for download here.

Integrating Electronic Medical Records into the Contact Center

Richard L. Cohen interviews A.J. Melaragno, President of Singola Consulting, on innovative ways to help healthcare organizations create multi-channel contact centers that integrate electronic medical record systems.

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Do You Need A Retention Refresher?: Benefits of retaining employees gives us a great refresher course on the benefits of retaining employees. The article also helpfully lists the top reasons employees leave a job in 2015, with the number one reason being that it feels like a job and not a career.

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Call Center Recruiting - Employees Before The Next Phone Rings

Recruiting Daily offers some hot tips to recruit better and smarter in order to get agents into those empty seats as quickly as possible. Recruiting doesn’t have to be arduous, and following these suggestions will make the process go smoothly and find you agents that will stick around longer, leaving less need for recruitment in the first place.

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Reducing Agent Turnover in Contact Centers

From 2010, this short blog post from Frost & Sullivan perfectly encapsulates why high call center turnover can be so costly. Given the true cost of agent turnover, spending the time and resources needed to recruit talented new people with a high chance of sticking around will benefit your organization in the long run.

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Health Experts Don't Always Sanitize Their Hands, Data Show

Mert Iseri from SwipeSense joined Experience. Health. Radio. to discuss hand hygiene with Singola President AJ Melaragno and why it matters so much to patient safety. This NPR article discusses how as caregivers get tired and fatigued at the end of their shifts, they are less likely to wash their hands when seeing different patients. This needs to be fixed.

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66% of Americans Would Use Mobile Health Apps to Manage Their Health

We keep going back to the 5th Annual Makovsky/Kelton “Pulse of Online Health” Survey, because it so succinctly shows that mobile health is here to stay. Healthcare better get with the program. HIT pulls out the most interesting facts for the summary linked here.

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The Benefits of Centralizing Contact Centers

Datamark succinctly explains what to take into consideration before centralizing and what benefits can be gained by deciding to do so.

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Singola Consulting and Rise Interactive Partner to Streamline Health Care Marketing

Rise Interactive and Singola Consulting have announced a partnership, aligning them in their mission to help health care leaders navigate digital transformations and improve the patient experience. Rise Interactive, a digital marketing agency specializing in digital media and advanced analytics and Singola Consulting, a strategic health care consulting firm, will be uniting their areas of expertise to help health care organizations improve efficiency and effectiveness in their business.

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ICMI: Six Best Practices for Optimizing Multichannel Support sponsored by USAN

This is a good read to “help contact center leaders make the right decisions to successfully accelerate any combination of multichannel support, most notably self-service, mobile, and social media engagement.”

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CallMiner: Making the Grade by Michael Dwyer, Vice President Research and Development

Michael Dwyer makes a powerful case saying, “The measure of success (or failure) of a contact center is simply the sum of the performances of each of its agents.” Using speech analytics, contact center management can identify exactly where agents need help and continuously measure progress.

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