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The Dreaded ReportSince founding Singola, we have walked into a lot of healthcare buildings, and we’re going to let you in on a little secret: we can tell by the end of the introductory meeting if the organization will succeed at what it is trying to do. The clients we’re excited to work with have prepared for our arrival and are ready to get the most value from the engagement. Here’s what the best healthcare systems already have in place when we show up to that first meeting:

-They have executive sponsorship. Change starts at the top, and implementing new processes requires the backing of an executive for employees to know the importance of the project.

-They have key stakeholders in the room. For most of our engagements, this means physician and HR leadership are present. Any department that has skin in the game should show up, because each department has a different stake in the engagement and will be affected differently. When everyone sits and works together, a real synergy emerges.

-They have a clear goal for the engagement. We are there to help, but they know where they’d like us to take them and are willing to follow. Clearly stating a goal also helps increase employee engagement and cooperation.

-Finally, they have a positive attitude, are open to constructive criticism, and listen to feedback. This sounds like a no-brainer, but we know how tough it can be for outsiders to come in and start giving orders. It’s important to remember that everyone is on the same team and all have the same shared goals. Furthermore, successful clients begin to implement suggested changes immediately so that we can all work together. Making changes while we’re still present means we can work alongside you to tweak, update, and monitor the new processes to ensure we’re going to reach those goals.

This is a big list. These requests are tall orders, but they’re not impossible. Following these suggestions will mean that together we can be effective and make real changes instead of leaving behind a giant binder filled with suggestions and tips that is never again cracked open once we’re gone. Not only is that a waste of paper, but it’s a waste of everyone’s time. Instead, let’s work together to have a real partnership that succeeds in every aspect of the engagement.

Photo from Realistic Shots.

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