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Knowledge is collaborationA knowledge base, as previously discussed, is better for everyone. It empowers your contact center agents with the information they need to create happy customers. But setting up a knowledge base correctly takes time and energy. We can help.

Singola’s knowledge management solution, PowerBase™, builds on your existing technology and platform. This keeps costs down and leverages the fact that your employees are already familiar with the system. Why use something new when you can optimize what you already have? Additionally, we approach PowerBase™ as a collaboration between our two organizations. We build PowerBase™ alongside your own developers, which ensures knowledge transfer and means your employees know how to manage the tool long after we’re gone.

While the build takes time, it is not the only part of creating a useful knowledge base. The tool is only as useful as the information it contains is accurate, and validating the information as it is entered into the system requires the utmost care and consideration. It’s important to put aside the right amount of time and resources for that part of the process, and we can provide guidance and leadership to make sure it is done efficiently and correctly. We can also help verify that the right people are the ones doing the validation. As we have learned from past experience, it takes more than importing printouts into the system to ensure data accuracy.

PowerBase™ can transform the power of your contact center, empower your agents to help callers, and improve your first call resolution rate. It is a needed tool that employees will be happy to have at their fingertips, and it allows for easy internal communication when there are important updates or new information is to be learned. Contact us to learn more.

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