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Peer interviews can be extraordinarily helpful for cultural fitIf you utilize the Ultimate Agent® program, you know that once you have an updated job description out in the world, the applicants come calling. Usually companies focus on the results of recruitment, turning those prospects into employees, but effective recruitment also includes the assessment and interview process.

Ultimate Agent® takes these steps into account in order to objectively find the best of the best. First, the program calls for a assessment of potential candidates by administering a basic skills test. Can the applicants actually perform the skills necessary to be successful in the job? Can they type, speak with clarity, and understand basic questions that patients will ask of them? This assessment provides a good preview of how the applicants will perform at your organization. Singola has analyzed many of the available programs and software that offer this technology and can help you decide which is the best fit for you.

Once the assessment is complete and only those qualified for the position remain, the Ultimate Agent® program then works with your staff to ensure best practices for telephone and face-to-face interviews. Using your existing processes as the starting point, we work to create unbiased, comprehensive interview techniques that make sure you’re finding the best person for the job.

Because, let’s be honest, interviewing isn’t just reviewing the needed skill set. Interviewing candidates is also about cultural fit to see if a prospect and your company are a good match. You need to make sure that a prospect will contribute to the organization and make it better, which will eventually keep an employee around for a long time and help lower retention rates. Skill and fit are both important aspects to look at in prospects.

Thought it’s not easy, Ultimate Agent® takes you step by step through the recruitment process in order to get quality employees.

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