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Are you doing enough to onboard effectively? Training new hires at a contact center can be daunting. Every day they are not trained is doubly harmful: the company is losing money on the employees not fulfilling their potential, and coworkers have to pick up the slack in order to keep the contact center running properly. It’s important to get new hires working effectively as soon as possible, but you also need to take the time to train properly, make sure new hires know what they are doing and are providing great customer service. It’s a tough problem.

Knowing how important it is to get a new agent working effectively as soon as possible, our Ultimate Agent® Program works in collaboration with your existing training methods and processes to develop a Training Calendar that details the first four weeks a new hire is on the job. The calendar acts as a guide for the new hire, erases anxiety about doing the right activity at the right time, and ensures nothing slips through the cracks. By using the same calendar for each employee, all employees are trained correctly and given the same (correct) tools to perform at a high level.

The calendar also provides guidance for the manager during the first month. We cannot overstate the importance of a manager’s involvement in the onboarding process, and an outlined training calendar optimizes a manager’s skill set to make meetings between manager and new hire all the more effective. It schedules time for the manager to check in and see how the new hire is developing, where she excels, or when to work on issues he might be having trouble grasping. Strategically training all new hires will help make them effective and productive in only four weeks, compared to the industry average of 12.9 weeks.

Those four weeks will be intense. The entire staff will have to pitch in and help out. But at its conclusion, you will have a well-trained, skilled new team player ready to contribute. Contact us to learn more about the Ultimate Agent® program and how to make the training process work for you.

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