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Lindy Thomas

Partner & Senior Consultant
  • Patient Flow through Practice and Telephony
  • Optimization of Provider Schedules
  • Call Center Management
  • Patient Retention and Access
  • Workforce Management
  • Reporting, Training and Quality Management
About Lindy

Lindy Thomas is a trusted partner and senior consultant, whose extensive background in the healthcare and communications industry has lead her to become an expert in patient access and engagement, strategic planning, and operational productivity and effectiveness.

Lindy started her professional career in contact center operations, where she provided strategic oversight and leadership to build successful and produc- tive operations. Lindy has held many executive leadership roles with various organizations, with the last 10 years focused in healthcare. These companies include: American Airlines, Providian, Citi, and Stericycle Communications Solutions through the acquisition of BerylHealth. Her most recent position, was a consultative role that enabled her to developed a deep understanding of the complexities and challenges faced by many healthcare organizations today.

With more then 25 years of experience, Lindy is able to combine her expertise and strategic insight to conduct performance assessments, identify gaps and inefficiencies, design and propose organizational improvements, produce deliverables and develop strategies that promote profitability, growth and sustainability within healthcare organizations across the U.S.

Lindy has been a keynote speaker for ICMI Contact Center Expo & Conference and has hosted round tables to share best practices. She has also been recognized for her volunteer efforts for United Way, March of Dimes and was a recipient of the Presidential Volunteer Award, Chairman’s Leadership Award and YMCA Women of Business Award.

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