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Singola Consulting and CallMiner have partnered to host a webinar on August 25th at noon CST about the positive effects of speech and contact analytics on the patient experience.

Known for interaction analytics used in contact centers, CallMiner joins Singola to explain how analytics provide insights to help healthcare providers improve patient care, operational efficiency, agent performance, and the expediting of payments. Singola, a consulting firm focused on improving the patient experience, will demonstrate how analytics can be used in a healthcare-specific way to understand the voice of the patient, create a patient journey map, and generate revenue.

“So many healthcare organizations conduct quality monitoring and think that’s enough,” said A.J. Melaragno, Singola President. “We need to catch up to other industries that are using analytics to make meaningful measurements that actually lead to smart business decisions.”

CallMiner agrees. “We believe our collaborative approach with Singola will provide healthcare organizations the ideal combination of technology and guidance to optimize both patient outcomes and experience,” said Brian Laroche, Product Marketing Manager for CallMiner.

Melaragno will cohost the webinar with Singola’s Managing Partner, Fran Horner, and CallMiner’s Product Marketing Manager, Brian Laroche. Those interested can register here. For more information, email bridget@singolaconsulting.com.

About Singola
Singola Consulting shapes the future of healthcare by improving access and intake operations across the entire patient journey. This starts with the very first point of contact, such as an advertisement or word of mouth, and continue through every interaction, from scheduling and registration all the way to the final bill. At Singola, we are intimately aware of the challenges faced by healthcare executives to make these access and intake improvements because we have sat on your side of the table.

Singola knows that access and intake operations improvements result in happier patients, better care, and improved bottom lines for its clients. Singola puts the right information, technology, people, and processes in place to deliver a great experience, one that has a single voice, message and brand for your patients, caregivers, physicians and employees.

About CallMiner
CallMiner believes that resolution is the fundamental driver of positive customer experiences. When contact center agents and others responsible for customer engagement are empowered by insight and feedback in real time, they can dramatically improve the rate of positive outcomes. With the tagline “Listen to Your Customers, Improve Your Business,” our goal is to help companies automate the overwhelming process of extracting insight from phone calls, chats, emails and social media to dramatically improve customer service and sales, reduce the cost of service delivery, mitigate risk, and identify areas for process and product improvement. Highlighted by multiple customer achievement awards, including six Speech Technology implementation awards in the past four years, CallMiner has consistently ranked number one in customer satisfaction, including surveys conducted by DMG Consulting and Ovum.

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