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In the healthcare industry, customer experience is a strategic priority. Patients and their families expect convenient and real-time access to trusted and reliable health information through a range of communication channels, including telephone, e-mail, web portals, text messaging, social media outlets, and mobile devices. Singola Consulting will help you expand your focus from the customer experience to real patient engagement.

We work with you to formulate the best growth and alignment strategies for your organization by:

  • Designing an integrated contact center to handle customer service calls, including centralized scheduling, pre-registration, insurance verification, physician referrals, financial services, billing, community events, and class registration, as well as campaign fulfillment and partnership promotions
  • Leveraging your EMR to support an integrated contact center
  • Using “Voice of the Customer” to improve operational performance
  • Integrating with marketing, operational, and clinical departments
  • Developing contact center data to show value beyond dollars and cents
  • Creating personalized Contact Center Performance Assessments

We offer strategic contact center solutions unique to the healthcare industry to improve customer service, satisfaction, and operational performance.

We believe that everything starts with measurement and benchmarking. An in-depth operational performance audit provides detailed analysis, assessments, and recommendations for performance improvement. This review evaluates the effectiveness of the current technology applications, management systems, performance metrics, and business processes, including:

  • Performance assessment
  • Quality monitoring review
  • IVR and call routing design validation
  • Workforce management design and deliverables
  • Analytics effectiveness

Singola Consulting does not believe in providing recommendations, then leaving the implementation to you and your team. Our strength and differentiator is in the fact that we’ve done this before, so we’re able to streamline the implementation phase significantly. The results of the assessment will identify the strengths, pinpoint opportunities for enhancements, and position your organization and Singola for a successful implementation. Our goal is to leave your team in a position to manage and grow your contact center as the needs of the industry and your customers change.

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