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Electronic medical record and patient portal optimization

After rolling out an EMR and patient portal, healthcare organizations need to continue to nurture their investment across their entire system of care. Optimization includes adding advanced capabilities and initiating efforts to increase the number of enrolled patients and the frequency with which they use the portal. Soliciting feedback from both patients and providers and incorporating that feedback into portal processes will ensure long-term success.

As more and more patients expect self-service and compare the healthcare industry to other industries and their online capabilities, it’s imperative that your organization recognizes what your patients demand. When done correctly, your EMR and patient portal are seamlessly integrated into your contact center, marketing initiatives, and your patient acquisition and retention strategies.

We will work with your organization on one or any combination of our offerings to ensure that your workflows are optimized and integrated and that you’re positioned to provide outstanding care and service. Some of the ways we can help:

  • Capabilities evaluation to establish your current benchmark and potential
  • Interactive strategy that aligns your public websites, patient portal, and mobile applications with your patients’ needs and organization’s vision
  • Advertising, Marketing, Public Relations, and CRM planning, design and execution for a single voice, brand, and message
  • Physician and office workflow audit and optimization
  • Patient portal engagement and self-service alternatives that can directly improve contact center performance
  • Technical integration alternatives with an emphasis on Epic products and modules

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