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Interactive marketing, branding and traditional media

Singola Consulting has firsthand experience in ensuring a consistent brand and identity for organizations regardless of the medium used for communication. Many organizations struggle with integrating their interactive, traditional, and social media strategies. Whether it’s online, print, TV, outdoors, contact center messaging or through social media outlets, your message and branding should be consistent.

Outbound messages should be aligned with your overall strategy, but how you handle the inbound requests and/or inquiries is just as important. Integration is critical among your electronic medical record, customer relationship management, contact center, and all other data management systems.

Our expertise in this area can begin with creating a new integrated brand image, rolling out messaging to increase adoption and engagement around your EMR or patient portal launch, or integrating your disparate communication media. We can provide:

    • Strategic execution and rollout oversight using proven methods for adoption, internal/external communication, and patient satisfaction
    • Communication planning
    • Operational integration alternatives with an emphasis on Epic modules and single sign-on

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