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Strategic Consulting Workshop

It’s easy to become so focused on the day-to-day responsibilities of a rigorous workload that big-picture questions about the future of the organization and opportunities for growth fall by the wayside. That’s where Singola Consulting can provide guidance and clarity. Through our strategic consulting workshops, we help our clients build a concrete path to a more successful future. We work with our clients to create sustainable and successful strategies for years to come.

During a workshop, the Singola Consulting team:

    • Evaluates existing processes and identifies the path to higher levels of achievement
    • Guides clients to champion projects that lead to greater levels of patient engagement
    • Challenges the status quo and rethinks ineffective practices that breed stragnation
News business ventures and innovation

As an increasing amount of healthcare systems and individual companies are popping-up with innovative solutions to age-old problems in healthcare, the need to take an idea to a concept to eventually the market is a process that requires resources, time, and the right connections.

Singola Consulting, its strategic partners, and advisors are some of the best and most successful healthcare entrepreneurs in the industry. Too often, great ideas come from physicians, nurses, executives and staff members within a healthcare system, but they don’t always recognize the potential of those ideas or don’t know how to package those ideas to generate revenue. That’s where we can help.

The Singola Consulting team:

    • Works with venture funds and investors as advisors to provide business case validation and go-to-market strategy
    • Creates business models for healthcare organizations to monetize existing business and clinical practices through the use of technology
    • Continually partners with healthcare industry leaders to pilot, prove concepts, and launch new innovative ideas

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