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A Retention Strategy That Works

One of the toughest challenges for all contact centers is retention. The aim of any retention strategy is to first find the right person for the job, and then to provide a great onboarding and training experience that successfully integrates new employees into the organization. Singola Consulting has developed the Ultimate Agent® program to help contact centers reduce turnover and improve employee retention. Ultimate Agent® connects an organization’s existing structure and culture with its contact center, ensuring that every customer interaction is met with compassion and professionalism.

Ultimate Agent® Recruiting

Finding the right person for each job is essential to the overall success of every contact center. To accomplish this, Singola Consulting creates and implements a recruitment strategy focused on identifying and hiring high-performing representatives who have the skills and abilities needed to deliver exceptional customer service. We deliver a recruitment toolkit that includes everything needed to attract and hire the right talent; evaluate current job skills and competencies for compensation review; construct pre-hire assessment testing designed to identify and select candidates with the right blend of skills and competencies for the job; incorporate a contact center simulation assessment into the screening process; develop a performance dashboard of recruitment performance measures, efficiencies, and lessons learned for continuous improvement; and refine the interview process so that face-to-face interviews better predict an applicant’s likelihood to succeed based on culture compatibility and relaying important information about the organization.

Ultimate Agent® Onboarding

Successfully welcoming new employees can dramatically improve retention rates. Singola Consulting creates a comprehensive new-hire onboarding program that utilizes a variety of approaches and folds into an organization’s existing methods to ensure new representatives start off on the right foot as soon as they receive an offer letter.

Singola’s program builds upon the traditional orientation process to foster and sustain high levels of employee engagement. We create an onboarding toolkit that includes a total communications guide, starting with a welcome letter to new hires; an onboard hiring matrix; and a personalized onboarding calendar. Our toolkit provides quality insights to the entire process, lists actionable improvements, and gives new hires a clear understanding of the benefits of the training program. Our new hire training includes department guidelines, performance expectations, and company culture standards. Each new hire receives the same welcoming experience and is made to feel like a part of the team.

Ultimate Agent® Training

A great retention strategy provides an effective training experience that allows a new hire to feel confident and comfortable as soon as possible. Singola Consulting’s final step helps contact centers accomplish this by providing a roadmap for training and coaching that continuously drives performance improvement and enhances the service and support that customers receive.

Singola’s approach to new-hire training effectively combines classroom training, e-learning of customer service best practices, and role-playing. We deploy transition training, where trainees take calls in a well-supervised and controlled environment. This training allows new agents to work out call-handling kinks and gain confidence. We deliver agent achievement benchmarks, a call center operations review, and develop a new hire survey to support continuous improvement. We also provide training and coaching for frontline staff, team leaders, and managers so that they are enabled to improve the customer experience. All roles involving customer contact—be that face–to–face, over the phone, or by e-mail—can benefit from developing ‘soft’ skills. This will improve both their confidence and overall service performance.

Singola Consulting guides the Ultimate Agent® program every step of the way and ensures your organization is poised to achieve success.

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