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Singola means Single

At Singola Consulting, we work to shape the future of healthcare so that patients can more easily access and receive care. We are intimately aware of the challenges that healthcare executives face putting the right information, people, process, and technology in place to deliver a great customer experience. To help with this, we define organization-wide access strategies and improve system operations. We examine existing processes and projects to identify both the items that can take you to higher levels of achievement and those that might be hindrances. We standardize workflows, making it easier for patients to access and receive care. We encourage you to embrace projects and strategies that lead to greater patient engagement and to rethink ineffective practices that eventually breed stagnation. We promote a “single” integrated experience for your patients, physicians, and caregivers and build a concrete path to a more successful future. Let’s get to work.

Our focus

We focus on what we know and what we’ve done, helping our clients to improve four core areas: people, process, technology, and measurement. We only engage in projects when we believe that the client is positioned to succeed and that the skills of our nationally recognized subject matter experts will make the difference. We’re committed to your success and ours.

We have walked in your shoes, and through hands-on experience, determined the right course of action. Let us help you realize your vision of success and build a roadmap for the future.

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Singola Consulting provided a roadmap to connect our patient engagement strategy to the patient experience…

Mary Parlet

Rochester Regional Health

Our perspective

At the highest level, Singola Consulting’s perspective is simple; the patient is at the center of everything we do. Whether you’re designing a website, a contact center, an integrated communication plan or the next best mobile application, the patient-centered approach is the guiding principle. It’s not just about technology. It’s about the right combination of people, processes, technology and leadership.

Welcome to Our Perspective: a collection of articles, best practices, webinars and events of interest to our current and future clients. You can also join us on a weekly basis during our Experience. Health. Radio. show where we bring together industry leaders “on air” to engage in conversations about improving the patient experience in healthcare.

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Singola Consulting helped us see the bigger picture and realign our strategy from patient satisfaction to true patient engagement.

Erin Skelley

Houston Methodist

Our advantage

Singola Consulting differentiates itself by maintaining a laser focus approach in what we offer and know and what we deem to be outside of our area of expertise. The reason we do this is simple; we ONLY hire and partner with individuals and organizations that HAVE DONE IT! It is our commitment to you that any initiative your organization engages us in will work with Singola Consulting associates that have successfully done it before.

We are niche solution provider in the health care industry. We are a cost-effective solution. We give you value for your money focusing on project scope. Our approach to our clients is to focus on people, process, technology, and measurement. We practice what we preach by hiring the best people who have done it before. We identify and implement the best technology in the market for your unique requirements and our approach and experience allow us to deliver a personalized solution to meet your needs.

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Singola Consulting helped us see the bigger picture and realign our strategy from patient satisfaction to true patient engagement…

Erin Skelley

Houston Methodist

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